About Us


After teaching English for the past few years in Hamburg, I kept asking the question — why do you want to learn English? There are two main reasons: for travel and/or work. I quickly realised people learn easier when they are relaxed and enjoying their learning experience. Their focus becomes easier and clearer.



I am often asked "Why did you move to Germany?" Australia is a beautiful country full of impressive landscapes and sun, however it doesn't have the cultural history of Europe. I was looking for more in my life. CELTA trained with 20 years of business/finance background, with an Associate Diploma Business, a Bachelor of Business and a native speaker will ensure I can make the most of your English language. I will inspire and empower you to reach your goal of learning not only of the English language and many insider tips but also you will quickly see that I am passionate about helping people in their lives. I like to see myself more as a coach than just a teacher. I have helped many to become more confident. I hope you will join me on the next adventure in your life and let’s learn together!