Come and join us on your English learning experience!

Do you wish to improve your English? Do you want to speak more fluently and confidently? Do you think English is important for your personal life or for your work? Do you now have to speak with more colleagues whose English is better than yours?

Why not learn English in a beautiful setting. Somewhere you would go for your own holidays and we also offer Private lessons. Here at English Holiday Plus we can combine your English language learning in a unique setting, just like you have on your holidays or here in Hamburg.

Not only will you improve your English but we include additional activities for you to help you immerse yourself into the English language. Sounds ideal, well that’s what we want you to feel.

With a native English teacher whose main priority is for you to feel relaxed and confident in your English learning.

We offer one week intensive courses, including your accommodation, breakfast, lunch and activities in various locations. Also we offer private and company lessons in Hamburg. Just send a message!

A study performed by the language training company Education First (EF), found Germany has dropped out of the global top ten in English for 2015. The EF country manager for Germany Niklas Kukat said “The correlation between income and English knowledge is there. For the German economy, as an exporting nation, it’s very important that we have a high level so that we can work with partners and companies in other nations”.